Gathering Place

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I visited Loch Ewe and joined a group of aspiring photographers who wanted to better understand themselves as artists, gain feedback on examples of their work and prepare action plans to meet those aspirations. While attending the workshop I decided to focus on the World War II relics related to the Arctic convoys which I found around the loch. The nature of the photographic subjects aligned neatly with my own desire to develop a portfolio of monochrome photographs. The historical artefacts and the military story behind them, together with the haunting beauty of Loch Ewe, inspired an emotional response in the form of short poem that appear alongside the photography n this book.

With each passing generation, memories of courage and suffering can begin to fade, and so it may be for those that served in the Second World War.

This book fights this tendency!

My hope is that you may find time to visit this beautiful place, to get a sense of its history, and so derive meaning that is personal to you.

Author: Ken Waldie

Publisher: Envisage Books, 2015

First edition of 250 copies

Signed by the author