Purchase & Sponsor a Ship Silhouette

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Special Note:  Due to there being a large number of orders required to start a production run our Ship Silhouette orders are currently on hold.  If you would like to be notified of when they will be available again please send a request to exhibition@theracmproject.org.  All previous orders are in production.


To say thank you to the brave sailors who battled perilous Arctic waters, we have commissioned a World War II ship display containing over 200 silhouettes. Each ship is
available for individual sponsorship by a Veteran, or/and their family and friends. All sponsorship proceeds will go to the Russian Arctic Convoy Project.

The display will be located at the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum.

As well as sponsoring a silhouette, you will also receive your own as a keepsake.

The personalisation will contain:
Veteran’s Name
Name of Ship

Please select either a Merchant Vessel, RN Carrier, RN Cruiser or RN Destroyer silhouette and use the 'Special instructions' section during checkout to supply the Veteran’s name and the name of their ship. For example: Harold Boudier, HMS Premier

*PLEASE NOTE* Only one name per ship silhouette sponsorship.

Item specifications: A durable 3-millimetres-wide and 30-centimetres-long Foamex ship silhouette sign with a 15-centimetres-long ground stake.

If you wouldn’t like to sponsor a ship but would still like to donate to help the Russian
Arctic Convoy Project and Museum to remember these brave mariners, please visit our donations page.