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What is the Russian Arctic Convoy Project?

A small team of committed volunteers who have created a museum on the shores of Loch Ewe dedicated to the Arctic Convoys. Loch Ewe was a hive of activity during WW2 and was the point of departure for many of the convoys bound for Russia. It’s fitting therefore that there should be a lasting legacy to the heroes who braved Arctic waters either under the constant threat of attack from enemy aircraft and U-boats or atrocious weather. Many wartime buildings, gun emplacements and anti-aircraft batteries still stand around the local landscape.

What will we use the donations for?

We are in the advanced stage of planning a new extension to our museum to provide additional exhibition space, a research room and a café for the increasing number of visitors who come to the museum.

To be able to achieve this in the lasting memory of Arctic Convoy veterans and to educate all age groups we kindly ask you to donate generously, thank you for supporting us.

If you would prefer to donate through JustGiving, you can do so here.

If you would like to donate a larger amount as a legacy or/and in the name of an Arctic Convoy veteran please contact John Casson MBE.

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