Face the Music – A Sailor's Story

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In 1926, when the young John Hayes entered the Royal Navu's collage at dartmouth, he pledged to serve the Lords of the Admiralty 'at their discretion'. It was a service which would last for forty-two years, taking the author from the South China Sea to the North Cape and from peace to three historic catastrophes of the war at sea- the sinking of the Prince of Wales, the Repulse and Convoy PQ17.

But Face the Music is as much about the naval tradition as about war. It is a celebration of that service which, as the author writes, 'seems to occupy a particular affection in the eyes of the British people'.

It is about music, too – the author's other great love. 'I turn to it in times of need, and at several moments in our history face it I hope I did'

Author: Vice Admiral Sir John Hayes

Publisher: The Pentland Press, 1993

239 pages