Steaming Light – A Memoir of Commander John C. Pearson OBE, RN

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Commander John Cox Pearson a shy rather serious young man lived through most of the tumultuous twentieth century. As a naval officer he saw from sometimes uncomfortably close range the excesses of war and astounding technological advances witnessing huge shifts in the geo-political landscape. He also had an extraordinary life in terms of the people he encountered and the places he found himself in over early eighty years. He met Noel Coward, Ian Fleming, Lord Mountbatten, Bob Dougall, and the artist John Piper. Travelled throughout South America. He was stationed in North Russia during the war having first been in action in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. He was one of the first people to visit the Nazi secret weapon sites after the Second World War. As Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence (Technical) he worked at G.C.H.Q. Which then officially didn't exist. This is also a story of the inner journey of a man who fell for an 'impossible love' in a world where everything was changing.

Author: Bernard Pearson

Publisher: William P. Cross, Book Midden Publishing, 2012

135 pages